Thursday, 11 October 2012

Chapter Two

The bells were ringing in the distance, and started to get loader and loader.
Rosie opened one eye and then the other letting out a small groan, pushing her hand from under the warm cover she banged wildly at the flashing alarm clock on the side.  Getting washed and dressed quickly and quietly she went down stairs for a cup of strong tea. 'God its cold' she thought as she tried not to wake the others sleeping.

At work it was buzzing, people talking and laughing, phones ringing and tea and cakes being handed round.  Rosie sat at her desk and peeped over the white board in from of her.  She smiled.

There he was, wow, he was a hunk. Dark chocolate brown eyes, brown hair, tall, and that smile, those lips.....
'Hi Rosie, can you check these files out for me'  Rosie jumped nearly spilling her tea on to her sugared doughnut.  Looking up she caught sight of her boss, a big sweaty man, she shivered.
'yes, ok' she replied.
 When he had gone she peeked back over the white board and looked straight into the eyes of Jake.
'Shit' she whispered and ducked quickly back down, feeling embarrassed, excited and laughing to herself.
Still bent down and twisting her head to look up, she met Jake's dreamy chocolate eyes. Rosie sat up slowly.
'We are all going out for a drink across the road after work, wondered if you would like to come too' He smiled.
'Mmmmm' Replied Rosie, nodding her head.
'Ok 5o'clock then' he said walking away.
Rosie sat in silence.  The most gorgeous man has just asked about drinks and all she could say was Mmmmm. Oh please!.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Forbidden Love

Chapter One

The television sounded distant, only the movement of the actors mouths could be seen.  Rosie looked across from the settee that she was laying on and looked at the person sitting across the way.  In the dim light she could just make out her husbands frame sitting in the large leather chair.

Thinking back to a day when she first met him and how much he had changed, not saying that she was perfect, ha who is perfect now a days.  No he was different, distant from her, tied up in his own world and his work.

He turned to face her and smiled, it was that distant vacant smile, she smiled back and looked back at the TV. Her thoughts returned, thinking about Simon her 2 year old son and smiled to herself, he was her world like any mother would say.  She was 3 months pregnant when she said the words 'I do' and then 6 months down the line this sweet bundle of joy was placed into her arms after a long and hard labor

Work tomorrow She though to herself, she was enjoying her job at the moment, it was an escape out of this house away from this life and then there was Jake, she smiled, what a man!
All contents (c) copyright 2009 Karen Fowler